Dido and Aeneas

The Vache Baroque Festival

September 2020

Musical Director Jonathan Darbourne

Director Thomas Guthrie

Designer Ruth Paton

Ruth Paton’s near-contemporary costumes proved an apt vehicle for Katie Bray’s lean, sinewy account of the female title role (in) her leather jacket surmounted by a grand early Stuart collar. Hugh Canning THE TIMES

“The setting, by director Thomas Guthrie and designer Ruth Paton, is a model of how to be effective with simplicity and economy of means: simple reversible waistcoats allow the cast to change from sorcerer and acolytes to Dido’s courtiers; red hats and drunken swaggers morph them into Aeneas’s sailors… a true treat to hear it performed by a young cast with such verve, especially in such glorious outdoor surroundings.”

**** David Karlin BACHTRACK


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